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Work after retirement

When you picture yourself in your golden years, are you sitting on a beach, hitting the golf course, or working behind a desk? For many people of retirement age, continuing to work makes perfect sense.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t balance your work life with enjoyable activities, such as holidays and family visits. Instead, going back to work can be a complementary activity to a fulfilling life. Whether it’s done voluntarily or out of necessity, working after retirement can offer many benefits.

Voluntary work

Many retired people consider voluntary work before they settle down to retirement, and this is often overseas. Browsing the internet will reveal a large and ever-expanding range of opportunities. With some organisations there is the chance to spend up to two years on a project, or as little as five weeks or so.

Volunteering may provide you with the chance to make a difference and to have an adventure before you settle down to retirement.

Paid work

Aside from various supply teaching and educational roles that are available to retirees, there are a number of specialist recruitment agencies for the more mature.

Some household name retail stores are known to be age-friendly, offering mainly part-time jobs. Some employers find mature workers to be reliable, flexible in their working hours, in need of less training and calm in a crisis.

Tell us what you are doing with your time now?


We revisited some of our former delegates to find out how they spend their time in retirement:

Mrs P, Lincolnshire: “I originally thought about going part time to supplement my income but soon decided that I wanted a complete change from teaching. My husband and I spend a good proportion of our time travelling the world”

Mrs S, West Midlands: “After I retired, I bought a house which has a river passing by the bottom of my garden. I also bought a kayak, and regularly take trips along the river”

Mr S, London: “I had many years’ experience as a Headteacher and after I retired, I felt that I still had something to offer. I set up my own consultancy service, offering training on subjects such as behavioural management and school improvement plans”

Mr G, Bradford: “You’re in more control of your time, I wouldn’t say less busy though – I have had 2 weddings in the last year, and bought a caravan 2 years ago when I retired which means more holidays (within reason!).”


An excellent day. I came thinking retirement was just a word I say on a regular basis... the biggest thing for me is I now feel more optimistic.”
Lynne Saint, Head Teacher, Blyton cum Laughton C of E Primary School