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An absolutely wonderful, inspiring day - I wish I had heard about this earlier. I was very worried about my retirement but now I am really looking forward to completing all my dreams.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Judy Vale, Retired Teacher & School Governor

I am writing to say thank you for your presentation. The feedback has been extremely positive and staff are very appreciative of the advice that you gave. I am sure that some will want to follow this up. It is an extremely important topic and your contribution has raised awareness of various options in a very positive way.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Chris Seeley, Bablake School, Coventry

Can I thank you for the fantastic conference I attended before retiring, it opened my eyes to the options and choices I could make, it reassured me that financially I would be alright and it gave me solid information about my future decisions. I was very grateful to your holistic approach and my whole outlook to retirement changed and it certainly gave me a positive outlook in my last term of working, I couldn't wait to retire, I was excited and it has not disappointed. It was all down to the conference you delivered. The right thing at the right time. 

I have been singing your praises to lots of still working colleagues and advising them to attend!

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Judith Haughton, Retired Teacher

I’m writing to say how excellent I found the course, “Planning for Retirement,” that I attended. The presenters all gave an excellent overview of what one can prepare for and expect in retirement. They were all so buoyant and positive! I came away feeling much more informed and ready to face a situation, retirement, that had been causing me considerable anguish.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Margaret Eva OBE, Retired Teacher, The Bourne Community College

I have sent colleagues on your courses several times, and you will be pleased to know that feedback has been unanimously positive.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Ray Everitt, High Storrs School, Sheffield

The Teachers Retirement Agency gave a clear and comprehensive view of the Teachers' Pension Scheme that was very well received by colleagues… this is an inset experience that all teachers would be advised to undertake

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author David Eggleston, Deputy Principal, Wakefield Girls High School

Just wanted to thank you again for finding a space for me at the Birmingham conference last week. It was very very good! I could do with another six months at work to give me time to sort things out! But there was lots that I didn't know about and which I wouldn't have known about if I hadn't gone, and it was especially good to meet other people who are in a similar boat to me and with similar anxieties (as opposed to everyone at work who is just drooling with envy and think that I can't wait to leave!) I feel much more confident now about retirement - all due to the conference.

On the registration form, in the space for 'contacts', I left the name of our deputy headteacher (who authorises staff to go on courses). I also left the name of the ATL rep who was very interested when I told him about the course and would like to know more so that he can advise ATL members about TRA courses.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Ishbel Curr, Retired Teacher, The Friary School, Staffordshire

I attended the course at Durham last Friday and found it to be one of the best courses I have ever attended... I completed the evaluation form at the end of the course and marked everything 'excellent' but I would be grateful if you could convey my thanks to all who enabled the course to run so well.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Martyn Coombs, Retired Teacher, Bedale High School, North Yorkshire

Thank you it was an excellent day very informative and elements of humour. Well done to all of the presenters. When next in Chester I may have another member of staff interested.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Carole Howard, Hallwood Park School, Cheshire

Many thanks indeed for the seminar yesterday evening. Feedback from staff has been very positive. Paul was a knowledgeable and engaging presenter and went down well with colleagues.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Andrew Madden, Stratford upon Avon Grammar School for Girls

An excellent day, removing anxieties and gained many 'nuggets' to take away. Time for me to reflect on my needs - excellent.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Derek Lion, Willow Lane School, Lancaster

I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone who is considering retirement and indeed I have already given your contact details to another head teacher.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Roger High, New Road Primary School, Cambridge

We have sent individual staff from Godalming College on your pre-retirement courses in the past and they have always come back with good reports!

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Ilena Mariell, Godalming College

Please could you convey my thanks. The feedback I’ve received since has been very positive and everyone found the talk very interesting and informative.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Val Hayes, Queen Mary's College

Thank you for providing an excellent course, the details of which I have passed on to all my staff who are over 50. I wish I had attended one sooner!

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Felicity Starkey, Motcombe School

Can I express a big thank you for an excellent course provided to our staff at Ashfield last night. They all commented on the value of the session and also the effective way that the presenter delivered all the material. I will definitely be contacting you again in a few years so that we can repeat the session with new retirement aged staff.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Nicky Hillyard, Ashfield School

A brilliant course! Very enlightening and great speakers who spoke with clarity and knowledge. Thank you!

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Vivienne Hurley, St. James C E Primary School

Just a brief note to say a huge thank you for the absolutely brilliant course yesterday. I learned so much and felt very reassured about the future. I am now talking to East Sussex LEA about your fantastic courses and I have emailed all my Headteacher colleagues.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Angela Mills, Meridian Community Primary School

It was extremely helpful for my staff and most of us have had very useful follow-up sessions.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Ann Morrow, Bishopswood Junior School

A quick note to say thank you for the Retirement Seminar which took place here last night. The presenter did a great job and the feedback I have had has been entirely positive. Colleagues clearly found the session very helpful and I think a lot of people were reassured and encouraged by what they heard.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Andrew Date, John Colet Upper School

An excellent and informative course which has helped me consider all options regarding retirement. I cannot recommend more highly.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Jennifer Thomas, Assistant Headteacher, Ponteland High School

I am feeling excited about my retirement now and much more confident about managing my retirement income

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Sandra Symms, Headteacher, Finchampstead C of E Primary

A very though-provoking, challenging, frightening yet reassuring day. I am delighted I attended, even though retirement could be 5 years away

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Phil Scott, Principal, Ribbon Academy

An excellent day. I came thinking retirement was just a word I say on a regular basis... the biggest thing for me is I now feel more optimistic

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Lynne Saint, Head Teacher, Blyton cum Laughton C of E Primary School

A very useful and thought provoking course, some really useful nuggets of information

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Donna Vinsome, Head Teacher, Hunter Hall School, Cumbria

Many thanks for the whole day. Really helpful and informative!

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Philip Scully, Assistant Head

The course has been most informative - I think I have the information I require

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Paul Lingard, Assistant Head

A very informative course relayed in very simple terms for the 'lay-person'

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Anne West, Teacher

An excellent course, very relaxed and very informative. I now feel ready to press ahead with my retirement plans.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Rowena Challoner, Headteacher

A very informative session. Thank you for making it very accessible.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Eileen McKen,

An excellent course - I feel that I've had an economics lesson too!

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Tessa Kelly, Retired Teacher

I really enjoyed the day. I have attended previously - and this time I have learned even more!

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Miriam Giles, Retired Teacher

A wealth of information delivered by people who really know their stuff!

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Lesley Sullivan, Teacher

A really informative and useful day. I feel much better equipped to make an informed decision on retirement

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Jackie Mutton, Retired Headteacher

Excellent presentations - the most interesting course I have attended for some time. All relevant, informative and very useful. It felt that all speakers had our best interests at heart.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Christine Collyer, Retired Teacher

If the day had been a lesson, it was "Outstanding"

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Martin Dean, Retired Teacher

This really is an excellent course. A lot to take in, in one day. In all my 30 years of teaching, this is the best course I have ever been on.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Helen Last, Retired Teacher

Excellent! I wish I had done this earlier. I've got "peace of mind" and am looking forward to my individual consultation

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Pat Strickson, Headteacher

Absolutely brilliant course - so informative and helpful. I wish I had known about the courses sooner.

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Christine Walker, Retired Headteacher

Searching the internet is all very well, but this day certainly raised the key issues that need further investigation

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Timothy Roberts, Retired Headteacher

I came to his course knowing a little about retirement planning. I left with lots of information and the right questions to ask once I do retire

Teachers' Retirement Seminar Author Paul Dathan, Teacher

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I learned so much and felt very reassured about the future”
Angela Mills, Meridian Community Primary School.